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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Storage Heaters Contain Bricks?

All storage heaters contain bricks. This is how the storage heater stores it heat to release throughout the day. Different storage heaters can have a different type of brick, e.g. a standard storage heater has a different brick to a fan assisted storage heater.


What is the difference between a manual and an automatic storage heater?

Manual Storage heaters are the most basic type of storage heater you can buy, they have evolved over the years and have become sleeker with smaller designs but still retain the same features. Automatic storage heaters look and do exactly the same as a manual storage heater the only difference is they have an automatic charging assistant which is where they only charge till full. This means you can save up to 15% on energy bills.


Can you plug an oil filled radiator in with a 3pin plug?

No, all our items are designed to work through a fused spare. It is dangerous to attach a 3pin plug to a electric radiator and plug it in. They need to be wired through a fused spare. It can be dangerous as the plug can over heat  and lead to a fire in the home. The fused spare is designed to eliminate the risk of a fire being caused.


Do you get the cable with a storage heater and can you use a 3pin plug?

Storage heaters do not come with a cable and fitting a storage heater is different to the connection of portable electrical heaters for example, fan heaters and stand alone portable types of oil filled radiators.

The connection using heat resistant cable should be hard wired via a 20A D/P isolation switch by a competent electrician / engineer. They should not be installed using a plug or on to an existing ring main. They should be installed on to a dedicated circuit from the consumer unit with a correctly rated MCB.

Can you get a portable storage heater?

No, storage heaters are designed to be attached to the wall and plugged into a fused spare. Also storage heaters are very heavy due to the bricks, they come with high strength brackets and feet which allow all the weight to be supported. With the weight of them being up to 125Kg being able to support and move this weight would be very hard.


What is economy 7?

Off-peak electricity is supplied to your house, usually overnight when demand for electricity nationally is low. Commonly on electric tariffs known as ‘off-peak' or "economy 7" this off-peak electricity is supplied at a cheaper price than standard daytime tariff' electricity. This is only switched on during the off-peak time period which is only at certain times of the day or night dictated by your electricity supplier. You need this to get the most out of your storage heater.


What is more economical a Storage Heater or Oil Filled Radiator?

Which is more economical depends on how they are used?

Storage Heaters are most economical when you either spend a lot of time at home or need heat throughout the day. They also work best in well insulated homes.

Oil Filled Radiators are best when you are out most of the day or only need heat at specific times of the day. As with the digital range you have a daily/ weekly timer built in, meaning you can set it to come on as and when you need the heat.

Storage heaters and electric radiators can also be used together. Oil filled Radiators are good for in bedrooms if you only need to warm them up a bit before you get up and at night before you go to bed.

With Storage heater in the main living room where you spend most of your day. This way you are not wasting electricity and heat warming rooms you are not going to be spending time in.