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Electric Radiators


Electric Oil Filled and Oil Free Radiators from Elnur & ExRad:

Choose from the Elnur GABARRÓN or ExRad ranges of Thermal Inertia Radiators and from two different types of technology: Oil Filled Radiators for optimum thermal inertia heat and heat transfer using a low viscosity and environmentally friendly thermo fluid, or Oil Free radiators which give a faster warm up time - based on a primary core and a secondary heat amplifier technology.

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All of our electric radiator ranges incorporate a highly accurate ambient thermostat, giving up to ±0.1ºC precision, to give you the best temperature control and reduced electricity consumption. Easy to install home heating, with wall fixing brackets are included which allow the radiators to be installed and levelled simply in no more than 5 minutes. All come with Free Mainland UK Delivery.

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Diligens Wifi Electric radiators
exrad oil filled electric radiators

The ranges provide a choice of control options, manual, digital or WI FI control to suit your personal preference. Digital radiators with built-in programming give you the benefit of total control over the time and temperature - hour by hour and day by day settings and three setting levels of Comfort, Eco and Frost Protection modes. For the ultimate in control, the Elnur Diligens range provides wifi connectivity to allow control on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. With the different stylish aesthetic designs, there is a radiator to suit any room in your homes. All have high quality components and finish levels, long manufacturer warranties, the ranges cover outputs from 500W to 2000W and with no plumbing all give you maintenance free heating.

Not sure what you need? Why not call us on 01942 265041 and speak to one of our team. Our team will be able to assist you with what best suits you and help you to find the right size heater for your room. Alternatively why not take a look at our Heatloss Calculator to find out the size you need.