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Information about Fan Assisted Storage Heaters and How They Work

Fan assisted storage heaters

There are four types of heater offering different levels of control:

  • Storage Heaters - Manual charge control models or Automatic control models


Unlike traditional storage heaters which automatically release the stored heat, fan assisted storage heaters have a low speed and quiet fan. The fan draws air through the heater and propels the heat through a grill or vent usually situated at the base of the unit. Some models of fan assisted storage heaters may also have an adjustable speed so that you can control the rate at which heat is given out.

A significant advantage of fan-assisted storage heaters is that the fan can be controlled using a separate thermostatic control, this means that you can set each room to a specific temperature and the heat will only be used when required.
These heaters also have more than double the insulation of conventional storage heaters, so there is minimal heat loss from the storage bricks, meaning heat is retained better and is less likely to run out during the day.
This makes your heater more economical and saves you money.


How Do Storage Heaters Work

Off-peak electricity is supplied to your house, usually overnight when demand for electricity nationally is low. Commonly on electric tariffs known as ‘off-peak' or "economy 7" this off-peak electricity is supplied at a cheaper price than standard daytime tariff' electricity.

You do need to be on an off peak tariff with a separate off-peak electrical circuit and meter dedicated to operating the storage heaters. This is only switched on during the off-peak time period which is only at certain times of the day or night dictated by your electricity supplier.

The electricity is used to gradually heat special bricks made from a very high density material which absorbs over a number of hours and stores the heat for use during the next day.

Storage heaters use high levels of modern insulation material to retain this heat for as long as possible.

When the off-peak period finishes the stored heat is then released into the room in a controlled way over the course of the day.

internal workings of a storage heater

Benefits of storage heaters

  • Can be easily installed, no pipes or boiler required
  • They do not need an annual service
  • Economical when used correctly with economy 7 tariff

Benefits of a Fan heater

  • It is possible to save as much as £180 a year on your electricity bills
  • You get 100% of the electricity you pay for turned into heat
  • controlable heat distribution

Please view the products individually for their specific features and benefits along with the product specifications.

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