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Choose From Electric Storage Heaters, Oil Filled and Oil Free Radiators, Panel Heaters and Towel Warmers:

Storage Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Radiators and Panel heaters all include Free Mainland UK Delivery and are sourced direct from leading manufacturer’s so we can always offer the lowest prices.

Long Warranties come with the full range of Elnur Gabarron Electric Storage Heaters, Elnur Radiators and ExRad Radiators with models available to suit all budgets and room sizes. Choose from Lot 20 Smart Storage Heaters, Fan Storage Heaters or the very best Energy Efficient Elnur ECOHHR High Heat Retention Storage Heaters. Check our guide to LOT 20 equivalents to Old Style storage heaters.

All our Elnur Ecombi storage heaters have precision thermostatic control with an accuracy of ± 0,1 ºC and the Ecombi ranges of SSH and HHR meet the new LOT20 regulations for efficient storage heaters with precise control, all our electrical home heating products are designed to save you money and reduce energy use.

Not sure what you need? Please call us on 01942 265041 and speak to one of our team. Our team will be able to assist you with what best suits you and help you to find the right size heater for your room, or use our Heatloss Calculator to find out the size and type of heater you need.

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All of our electric radiator ranges incorporate a highly accurate ambient thermostat, giving up to ±0.1ºC precision, to give you the best temperature control and reduced electricity consumption. Easy to install home heating, with wall fixing brackets are included which allow the radiators to be installed and levelled simply in no more than 5 minutes. All come with Free Mainland UK Delivery.

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Replacing Old Storage Heaters is Easy with Elnur Energy Efficient Modern Storage Heaters or with Modern Electric Radiators which give an alternative to Storage Heaters with sizes from 0.5kW to the largest at 2kW all with built in highly accurate thermostatic controls. Manual control, also called Analogue Control or Digital control radiators with timer are all available to intelligently control your home heating; both types of electric radiators come with thermostatic control.

Instant heat from Panel Heaters is Perfect heating for rooms that only need heating for a short time, such as a bedroom rather than heating a room for long periods when it’s not required.

Choose Modern Low Cost Electric Heating Products from our extensive range, designed using the Latest Insulation Materials and Heating Control Technology to reduce your energy consumption, fuel costs and to increase the comfort levels in your home.

Whatever your requirements we are sure we can offer you an affordable electric heating solution: Easy to install electric heating, with no maintenance to worry about, now makes a popular and efficient choice for home heating.

Hassle Free Online Product Finder helps you Easily Find which heater you need and to see which electric radiator or storage heater model is the best heater to suit your room. Just enter some simple room details and see the options to suit your room and lifestyle.

If you need help please contact us today for any information or advice you may need.

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